Dota 2 News: Topson answers viewers in his stream

Dota 2 News: Topson answers viewers in his stream

Topson insults a spectator who believes he can never be a top Dota 2 player again.

On February 15, Topson Dota 2 faced some negativity during his Twitch stream. In addition to receiving criticism from Kaori, who plays for Division II team Ooredoo Thunders, viewers attempted to ruffle his feathers.

They began flooding the discussion with false claims that he had never been ranked number one on the official leaderboards in any region.

It did not affect the original legend, though. Without losing Topson’s cool, calm, and controlled approach, he reminded them that he had previously held the position of number one player in Europe twice.

“I’ve never been number one? What are you two discussing? He asked. I was ranked number one before you ever began playing Dota in 2013. Yet, I did it with Earth Spirit. Nonetheless, it still counts. And I did it again in 2017, but with conventional heroes.”

Topson said that he has not been able to accomplish it since joining OG. Because he was already playing at the highest level, he stopped taking the ranked grind seriously.

Yet, the midlane maestro acknowledged it as a “not a good” mentality. He advised spectators, including himself, to take them seriously because they are the basis of the action.

Topson has yet to have a significant presence at the highest level this year. He did establish Old G with old OG colleagues Ceb and n0tail. However, they failed to qualify for the 2023 DPC Season’s opening portion.

He did, however, represent Tundra Esports alongside Nightfall in the BetBoom Universe: Episode 1 – Comics Zone and helped them defeat Team Spirit in a dramatic grand final. By doing so, he demonstrated he still possesses the necessary skills to be a top Dota 2 player despite his rank.

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