OKCoin Paused USD Deposits And OTC Trading Due To Silvergate Bank Issue

OKCoin Paused USD Deposits And OTC Trading Due To Silvergate Bank Issue

OKCoin, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has temporarily paused its dollar deposits and over-the-counter (OTC) trading services. It comes after the exchange faced a situation with its banking partner, Silvergate Bank, which OKCoin claims to have now managed.

In this article, we will dive more in-depth into the details of the situation and its impact on OKCoin’s users.

What Happened with Silvergate Bank?

OKCoin’s temporary pause on dollar deposits and OTC trading services is linked to its banking partner, Silvergate Bank. According to a tweet from OKCoin CEO Hong Fang, the exchange experienced “operational challenges” with Silvergate Bank, temporarily suspending USD deposits and OTC trading services.

While OKCoin has not provided specific details regarding its challenges with Silvergate Bank, the issue has now been resolved. The exchange is working to resume its services as soon as possible.

Impact on OKCoin Users

The temporary pause on dollar deposits and OTC trading services will likely significantly impact OKCoin’s users. Those relying on the exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with USD must now find alternative platforms.

Additionally, the pause on OTC trading services will affect institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals who often use this service for large trades. Without access to OTC trading services, these users may have to resort to trading on public exchanges, which could lead to increased slippage and lower liquidity.

OKCoin’s Response

OKCoin has reassured its users that it is working to resolve the situation with Silvergate Bank and will resume its services as soon as possible. The exchange stated that it is “in the process of onboarding additional banking partners” to minimize the impact of any future banking-related issues.

The exchange has also emphasized that user funds are safe and secure, and users do not need to withdraw their funds from the platform. OKCoin has a reputation for being a secure and trustworthy exchange, and it is taking steps to maintain this reputation in the face of the current challenges.

Silvergate Bank Highlights

The situation with Silvergate Bank highlights the importance of banking partnerships for cryptocurrency exchanges. With a banking partner, businesses can offer USD trading pairs or OTC trading services, significantly limiting their user base.

However, partnering with banks can be challenging for cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to regulatory and compliance concerns, many traditional banks need more time to work with crypto-related businesses.

It has led to the rise of crypto-friendly banks such as Silvergate Bank, which cater specifically to cryptocurrency exchanges and other crypto-related businesses. However, operational challenges always exist even with a crypto-friendly bank, as demonstrated by the situation with OKCoin.


The temporary pause on dollar deposits and OTC trading services is a significant challenge for OKCoin; the exchange is taking steps to resolve the situation and minimize the impact on its users. The importance of banking partnerships for cryptocurrency exchanges cannot be overstated. OKCoin’s case with Silvergate Bank serves as a reminder of the challenges businesses face in this area.

As the cryptocurrency market grows, more banks will likely enter the space and offer services to crypto-related businesses. However, once there is greater regulatory clarity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the traditional financial system, challenges like the one faced by OKCoin with Silvergate Bank may continue to arise.

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